Thu, 13th Aug, 2015

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PostHeaderIconWelcome to The CUSP!

Welcome to the Completely Unnecessary Skeptical Podcast - A Skeptical Podcast brought to you from the bottom of the planet that's jam-packed with really interesting, random, (mostly) skeptical content with a distinctly unique Kiwi flavour. *

Although we focus mainly on NZ skeptical issues (and skeptical issues that impact Kiwis), we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy our podcast (if you're a skeptic!) – no matter where you’re from.

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Also, Siouxsie blogs extensively on SciBlogs

Note: Kiwi refers to a small flightless bird indigenous to New Zealand. It is also used as a colloquial term to refer to the Human inhabitants of the same tri-island country. The delicious green fruit that is commonly referred to as 'kiwi' (mostly by USAians) is more correctly called a 'kiwifruit'.

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