Thu, 01st Feb, 2018

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PostHeaderIcon Episode Three


In which we discuss local and global news (and olds), including but not limited to: James Randi's personal life, Gut Bacteria, Fish and Chips, Church Billboards and the spiritual life of native american salmon.

We also have email and complaints from our 3 listeners...

And we interview Broadcaster Graeme Hill about skepticism and the media...

1. Email and News
2. Interview with Graeme Hill
3. Word of the Day and Quote


PostHeaderIcon Why Atheism Matters

The following is a response to Rebecca Barry's Opinion piece in the NZ Herald on Mar 23th by floyd_akl on the NZ Skeptics Mailing list

Rebecca Barry, in her column of March 23 asks "Why is religious faith such a scary concept that atheists need to hold a global convention?". Before answering this question, it's worth pointing out some obvious truths.

PostHeaderIcon UFO Documents to be released

Good comment from Vicki Hyde...

PostHeaderIcon True Faith Opens Door to Happiness

I've just read this:

The guys from the No God Ads campaign are organising an official letter (/article) to the papers but I'm bored so here's my half-assed debunking:

I questioned the first sentence, suggesting that it was inconsistent with what we know about our fine-tuned physical and biological world.

PostHeaderIcon A Storm is Brewing

Check out the trailer for the new animated movie of Tim Minchin's 9-minute beat poem Storm:

I'm excited...

This looks awesome!

Official blog: