Tue, 06th Mar, 2018

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PostHeaderIcon Episode One

Chrissie Taylor

In which we interview Matthew Dentith, NZ's foremost expert in the Epistomology of Conspiracy Theories. And generally talk a load of crap.

Oh and we uncover a shocking revelation about one of the cast...


1. Meet the Cast: Chrissie

2. News: 10:23, Dinosaurs, Satellites, Conspiracy Theories (Haiti, Rugby)

3. Interview: Matthew Dentith - Conspiracy Theories

4. Word of the Day and Quote


Matthew Dentith: http://all-embracing.episto.org/

Dinosaur Colours: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/news/2010/6806.html

PostHeaderIcon Grain is bad for you?

Just found this on FB:


He must be right - look, he's got anecdotal evidence:

"From personal experience..."

Plus he talky good science:

"Toxic anti-nutrients"

My warning bells went off as soon as I realised that he's got super-secret information as yet undiscovered by the _entirety_ of mainstream science. For sale.

It looks like junk to me...

PostHeaderIcon An Open Letter to Eric Hovind and the CSE

From http://www.drdino.com/:

Creation Science Evangelism began in 1989 from a desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the science of God's creation. Today, Creation Science Evangelism has some of the most requested speakers on the topics of creation, evolution, and dinosaurs. With over three decades of research in the sciences, Creation Science Evangelism has become a trusted source for information pertaining to the creation vs. evolution controversy.

Dear Eric Hovind (and Creation Science Evangelism),

What research have you done?

Yours sincerely

Nathan Grange


PostHeaderIcon Episode Zero

Chrissie Taylor

Well - it's finally here!!!

This pilot episode took a while to get up online - post production took a bit longer than we thought because of xmas hols etc...

Hope you enjoy it...

(PS - Yes we know about the sound... We'll have that sorted by the next episode - promise. :-D)


1. Meet the Cast: Nathan

2. News: Scientology in School, Life on Mars, New Image (MLM)

3. Woo Zealand: Interview with Vicki Hyde

4. Topic: Psychic Detectives (Sensing Murder)

5. Word of the Day and Quote



PostHeaderIcon Skeptics Exchange - Question and answer site

I just got a link in my email for:


Apparently this is something I signed up for ages ago and forgot about...

It looks really cool - check them out.

Welcome to Skeptic Exchange
A place to ask experts questions about pseudoscience, faith healing, the supernatural or alternative medicine.

PostHeaderIcon Oliver Twist is an acupuncturist...

I just watched the Oliver! DVD, and the special features include interviews with Oliver Twist and Fagin.

Apparently Mark Leister blew all his money when he turned 18 and is now an osteopath and an acupuncturist...

PostHeaderIcon 40 years ahead of it's time.

I was reading through an engineering e-mail mag on monday and stumbles across a new building in France that is 40 years ahead of it's time. Why, it had solar, and a few other alternative energy sources to produce all it's own energy.

Now i'm no genius but haven't we had solar panels around since the early 70's? So how is using something that we have presently, and have had for nearly 40 years, 40 years ahead of it's time?

PostHeaderIcon A Storm is Brewing

Check out the trailer for the new animated movie of Tim Minchin's 9-minute beat poem Storm:


I'm excited...

This looks awesome!

Official blog:

PostHeaderIcon 1023 - Homeopathy: There's nothing in it

There's a new grassroots campaign starting up in the UK.


From the site:

The 10:23 campaign aims to raise awareness of the reality of homeopathy. We will tell you how it can be proven not to work, why homeopath's claims are impossible, and give patients the right information to allow them to make an informed decision on their healthcare.

They're starting with an open letter to Boots pharmacy...

Have a look and sign up.

Maybe we need to do something similar for NZ pharmacists?