Thu, 01st Feb, 2018

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PostHeaderIcon I Love My Wife

I've been noticing a sudden proliferation of bumper stickers that say "I Love My Wife".

I don't know about you guys, but this bothers me...

I honestly believe that if you feel the need to put a sticker on your car to reassure the people behind you in the early-morning Auckland traffic jam that you do, in fact, love your wife - then you probably don't love your wife.

This feels to me like someone in the middle of a crowded mall suddenly yelling out "I'm not crazy".

No one thought you were.

PostHeaderIcon UFO Documents to be released

Good comment from Vicki Hyde...

PostHeaderIcon Grassroots Skeptics Directory

These guys:

Have set up a directory of Skeptical resources...

Podcasts (including The Cusp :-D)
Skeptcal Orgs
Skeptical Websites

There's even a page where you can join a register of speakers / presenters... (Presumably you'll be able to search the registry for a speaker for your event...)

Check it out - and add your page / blog / podcast to the list.

PostHeaderIcon Science Re-Ignited

Today i finally told my boss that I am not cut out for my job. This is exactly 12 months after fighting tooth and nail against 2 foreign experts in this field.

The reason, Science! Since discovering the skeptical world, and most importantly to me S.G.U, I was thrown into a world where science updates were coming thick and fast. CERN and the L.H.C, (which I knew about but had no idea how complex it was), Colony colapse in bees, looking for water on the Moon... and has re-ignited my passion for science.

PostHeaderIcon Skeptics Exchange - Question and answer site

I just got a link in my email for:

Apparently this is something I signed up for ages ago and forgot about...

It looks really cool - check them out.

Welcome to Skeptic Exchange
A place to ask experts questions about pseudoscience, faith healing, the supernatural or alternative medicine.

PostHeaderIcon Oliver Twist is an acupuncturist...

I just watched the Oliver! DVD, and the special features include interviews with Oliver Twist and Fagin.

Apparently Mark Leister blew all his money when he turned 18 and is now an osteopath and an acupuncturist...

PostHeaderIcon True Faith Opens Door to Happiness

I've just read this:

The guys from the No God Ads campaign are organising an official letter (/article) to the papers but I'm bored so here's my half-assed debunking:

I questioned the first sentence, suggesting that it was inconsistent with what we know about our fine-tuned physical and biological world.

PostHeaderIcon 40 years ahead of it's time.

I was reading through an engineering e-mail mag on monday and stumbles across a new building in France that is 40 years ahead of it's time. Why, it had solar, and a few other alternative energy sources to produce all it's own energy.

Now i'm no genius but haven't we had solar panels around since the early 70's? So how is using something that we have presently, and have had for nearly 40 years, 40 years ahead of it's time?

PostHeaderIcon Where has it been hiding?

I've been alive for nearly 34 years, this past one being the most exciting/cathartic that i have experienced.

I have always accepted evolution, and this was solidified at uni with Microbiology and Advanced Genetics, but I felt that i couldn't 'back myself up' if i was asked to defend myself.

On my 33rd birthday I joined the millions that are owners of an iPod. This tiny device has opened up a world that has seemingly been hidden from me all these years. The word podcast suddenly meant something, so I started looking...

PostHeaderIcon A Storm is Brewing

Check out the trailer for the new animated movie of Tim Minchin's 9-minute beat poem Storm:

I'm excited...

This looks awesome!

Official blog: