Thu, 01st Feb, 2018

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PostHeaderIconPretending to be psychic...

right up there with invizability!

And the most annoying thing is that by saying that very scentence, you immediately affirm that there are REAL psychics, like the ones that can solve murders on TV, hang on, no they don't they just read back the case notes with a silly haircut!

ok um, like the ones that give you the winning lotto numbers each week, hang on no they don't, THEY ARE STILL BROKE!

or um, like the ones that can speak to your dead aunt/cousin/nanna called mike/michelle/mark or something but you just forgot..

There are NO psychics, so therefore how are you to pretend to be one? Ok Ok, there are no super hero's either but kids still dress up and pretend to be like them I hear you say. But they are kids, in a fantasy land, AND they don't take your money under the guise of 'helping' you.

I vote we just drop the word Pshchic, as it not a condition that exists that can be named.

Lets just use Liar instead.