Tue, 06th Mar, 2018

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PostHeaderIconScience Re-Ignited

Today i finally told my boss that I am not cut out for my job. This is exactly 12 months after fighting tooth and nail against 2 foreign experts in this field.

The reason, Science! Since discovering the skeptical world, and most importantly to me S.G.U, I was thrown into a world where science updates were coming thick and fast. CERN and the L.H.C, (which I knew about but had no idea how complex it was), Colony colapse in bees, looking for water on the Moon... and has re-ignited my passion for science.

This in turn has re-ignighted my desire to teach, and after a weekend of talking with my wife, i now refer you to the first line. I want to teach, I want to inspire, more importantly I want to educate our future generations.

Thank you to the past generations of scientists that have strived to seek out understanding for those of us with less desire to search.
Thank you to those who have questioned, queried, and investigated the claims to expose the liars, fakers and frauds.
And finally thanks to those educators that have inspired and fostered our curiosity, you have inspired me to try and do the same.