Tue, 06th Mar, 2018

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PostHeaderIcon The problem with debating trubees

From this thread:

http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/showthread.php?t=116360 (Page 54)

But you see, that IS the point. Science moves forward as a result of using the scientific method (albeit with some flashes of insight occasionally), and rigorous peer debate and review. It is hardly surprising that reputable scientists disagree at times, especially when they are at the cutting edge uncovering new knowledge or sorting out new problems like global climate change.

The issue of 'trampolining' which is only just becoming clearer, will probably lead to lots of disagreement.

PostHeaderIcon Donate to help the Libel Reform Campaign

From Silas Lane:
***To get in touch with me use Reply-To Address slane@senseaboutscience.org***
Dear Friends
We are emailing as victims of England’s libel laws to ask for your help at a crucial time for libel reform.

PostHeaderIcon Why is Polygamy Illegal?

I probably have to start out by stating that I do not endorse (or disapprove of) any sort of -gamy.

My political views are N/A - I'm not a liberace or a conservacrat. I don't know whether I'm left or right (or off in some other non-euclidian dimension altogether)

PostHeaderIcon Why Trubees Believe. (Or - On Being a Careful Skeptic (tm))

I'm imagining that I'm a trubee.

I know that homeopathy works. I've seen it, I've heard other people talk about it, and I've been told, by people that I trust and respect (mainly because of their passionate defence of my point-of-view), that it works.

If it works, then - if it gets tested properly - there must be good solid scientific evidence for it.

Note, by the way, that, so far, none of this has been a conscious logic process. This has all happened behind-the-scenes as it were.

PostHeaderIcon Why Atheism Matters

The following is a response to Rebecca Barry's Opinion piece in the NZ Herald on Mar 23th by floyd_akl on the NZ Skeptics Mailing list

Rebecca Barry, in her column of March 23 asks "Why is religious faith such a scary concept that atheists need to hold a global convention?". Before answering this question, it's worth pointing out some obvious truths.

PostHeaderIcon Grain is bad for you?

Just found this on FB:


He must be right - look, he's got anecdotal evidence:

"From personal experience..."

Plus he talky good science:

"Toxic anti-nutrients"

My warning bells went off as soon as I realised that he's got super-secret information as yet undiscovered by the _entirety_ of mainstream science. For sale.

It looks like junk to me...

PostHeaderIcon Talking past each other

A brilliant post about why Scientists and Creationists can't talk to each other:


I used to be a YEC, and this is exactly what it's like..

PostHeaderIcon Fanatic Christians Attack Atheists

A brilliant blog post here:


About the recent NoGodAds bus campaign.

We've just been officially informed that NZBus, the company that manages the advertising on buses, has revoked their initial approval for the ads.

The decision is based on 'complaints' that they've received.

This decision may be illegal under the Human Rights Act:


PostHeaderIcon Pretending to be psychic...

right up there with invizability!

And the most annoying thing is that by saying that very scentence, you immediately affirm that there are REAL psychics, like the ones that can solve murders on TV, hang on, no they don't they just read back the case notes with a silly haircut!

ok um, like the ones that give you the winning lotto numbers each week, hang on no they don't, THEY ARE STILL BROKE!

or um, like the ones that can speak to your dead aunt/cousin/nanna called mike/michelle/mark or something but you just forgot..

PostHeaderIcon An Open Letter to Eric Hovind and the CSE

From http://www.drdino.com/:

Creation Science Evangelism began in 1989 from a desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the science of God's creation. Today, Creation Science Evangelism has some of the most requested speakers on the topics of creation, evolution, and dinosaurs. With over three decades of research in the sciences, Creation Science Evangelism has become a trusted source for information pertaining to the creation vs. evolution controversy.

Dear Eric Hovind (and Creation Science Evangelism),

What research have you done?

Yours sincerely

Nathan Grange